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Turbo VPN Overview

The free version of Turbo VPN gives access to most famous sites that are restricted in main regions. But free version can never be as good as the paid ones so there might be some restrictions by the way.  We have covered everything that you need to know about Turbo VON review. Turbo VPN is being operated by the company based in China. They have almost 50 million worldwide mobile downloads as for this only available for mobile devices.

Turbo VPN Overview

This Turbo VPN review is not just about the sweet talks about the company. The main purpose of our review is to show the real features and limitations so that our readers can make the right choice regarding the VPN tool. When you are getting this amazing tool for free, it means that ads are going to disturb you. So, be ready to see ads and banners while using this tool. Overall, this one is really one of the best VPN tools in the market.  

Privacy of Turbo VPN

They have a very clear privacy statement that they don’t have access to user’s personal information and neither have they collect any data from user’s activity on their tool.

Turbo VPN App

Turbo VPN’s Android app was installed within minutes, and ‘7-day free trial’ was offered. This was not all that much – simply the typical ‘create a new Google Play membership and you’ll be charged after seven days’ – however it does at least allow you to attempt the full administration.

Turbo VPN was installed without any trouble and was ready to go inside a couple of moments.

The interface is intended for effortlessness, and even total amateurs will make sense of the basics immediately. Snap the Connect symbol and the app aims to associate you to the fastest server. Snap a red Close button when you’re set, and the association is shut.

Netflix on Turbo VPN

The company behind Turbo VPN had not made any official statement about Netflix on Turbo VPN but many Turbo VPN reviews had made it clear that it may not be the best choice as many users have been facing location issues lately.


The performance of the Turbo VPN was not very promising as the results were just average. Yet, the performance was better than many other options available in the market. At some servers, the performance was better than many others. So, the overall performance depends upon the server selected too.  

Turbo VPN Cons

Turbo VPN is not the worst VPN that we have reviewed but still, there are some negative points. They’re stunningly better than some paid ones, too. But on the other hand, they’re a far cry from the higher class like ExpressVPN.

A moderate association speed and questionable logging strategies start off a plethora of problematic issues. Turbo experiences being a versatile just application, as most current VPN users want protection while surfing the web on their PC, streaming gadget, and gaming console as well.

Final Words

Turbo VPN functions admirably as a basic free administration for basic site unblocking, perusing and video streaming needs. It doesn’t have the speed, features or platform support to rival the huge name VPNs, however, and demanding users will be vastly improved off somewhere else.

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