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Dog Backpack Review

When choosing a travel dog backpack, you must be guided by the goals for which it will be needed. If the dog has to sit in the container for a long time during moving long distances, then you need to take care of maximum comfort for it.

First of all, you need enough space. The pet should be comfortable sitting, lying, standing and stretching. Good ventilation and visibility, strong locks, a waterproof bottom and warm are also needed. Ideal for traveling by train and car are the Zoom-Zoom Zoo Stripes models – they are spacious, well protect animals from drafts.

The main requirements for the dog bags

There are general requirements for transporting dogs:

  1. The use of environmentally friendly materials for their manufacture.
  2. Soft carrying should be easy to wash, containers with a rigid frame should be well cleaned and dry quickly.
  3. For the safety of the dog, elements of its retention are necessary – belts, carbines, strong locks.
  4. The material of manufacture and components must be strong and durable.
  5. The bag must be selected according to the nature of the pet. For example, for curious dogs, a backpack with a hole for the head is suitable. A calm dog who prefers to relax or sleep on the road may like a simple and spacious bag. As well as active fidgets, because they have enough space where to play.

Before buying a bag, see how the dog behaves in a backpack or box with a hole for the head. Thus, you determine how long he will get used to carrying and how much patience the owner will need. Some pets are calm, being in a confined space, while others whine and howl, rush and break out.

Types of Carriers

  • Small bags of soft textiles – this is one of the most popular solutions for dogs of small breeds. Such models may be open and have openings for the legs and head, and maybe closed.
  • Such bags are made of leather or other environmental textiles. A rigid waterproof bottom with a foam insert allows you to protect your pet from the cold if you put the bag on the floor and will not allow squeezing.
  • Some models look like ordinary women’s handbags, but the cut allows the pet to stick its head out. Some products have doors and mesh windows.
  • The pet stores can offer the carriers with special openings for the pet’s head and elements for holding it inside (with a collar or carabiner for attaching it), such as CosmoPet. It should be remembered that in such a bag an animal can be carried no more than two hours in a row.

Varieties and modifications of bags for dogs

Various modifications of soft bags are available:

  • Models with two compartments – for the pet and its things or accessories. For example, in the pocket of your Trixie Libby Carrier bag, you will find a bottle of water or treats for a dog.
  • A sling bag for small decorative breeds is worn on the shoulder. The disadvantage is the lack of fasteners and a rigid frame: with this kind of carrying it is better not to drive crowded vehicles and not to walk in the crowd.

For dogs of fashionable breeds, there are branded bags with rhinestones, fringe, lace, inserts. Medium-sized dogs can also be offered rigid frame bags.

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